WhatsApp chat lock feature

WhatsApp rolls out chat lock feature 2023


The new Chat lock feature will allow users to lock their personal conversation in a folder that can only be accessed with your device’s password or biometric.

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature that enables its users to lock individual chats with a password or biometric authentication. This feature will allow WhatsApp users to enhance the security of their messages and protect their privacy, especially if they have any confidential or personal conversations that they don’t want anyone else to access.

The new ‘Chat Lock’ on WhatsApp feature allows users to move a conversation into a separate folder that can only be accessed using their device’s password or biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint. When a chat is locked, the feature automatically hides the contents of the conversation in notifications.

Let’s take a look at how to use the new Chat Lock privacy feature by WhatsApp.

How to use Chat Lock on WhatsApp

– Download or update WhatsApp: Ensure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device. You can download the app from the respective app stores.

– Go to the chat you want to lock: Open WhatsApp and navigate to the specific chat that you want to lock.

– Tap on the contact or group profile picture: Once you are in the chat, click on the profile picture of the contact or group to access more options.

– Select “Chat Lock”: Scroll down the menu until you see a new option called “Chat Lock,” which is located right below the disappearing message menu. Tap on it to proceed.

– Enable Chat Lock and authenticate: Once you tap on “Chat Lock,” you will be prompted to enable it. After enabling it, you will be required to authenticate using your phone password or biometrics (if available).

To access locked chats on WhatsApp

– Open WhatsApp and go to your home page: Once you open WhatsApp, you will see the home page that displays all your chats.

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– Swipe down to access all locked chats: Swipe down on the screen to access all the locked chats. You will see all the chats that you have locked on WhatsApp.

– Tap on the locked chat you want to access: Select the chat that you want to access by tapping on it.

– Authenticate to unlock the chat: You will be required to authenticate using your phone password or biometrics (if available) to unlock the chat.

Notably, once you enable Chat Lock, all the messages in the chat will be hidden until you unlock it. You can also enable Chat Lock for multiple chats on WhatsApp by following the same steps for each chat individually. Additionally, WhatsApp has announced that it will be adding more options for Chat Lock in the future, such as locking for companion devices and creating a custom password for chats.

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