The beauty industry has experienced a significant rise in demand for natural ingredients over the past few years, reflected by major players such as L’OrealP&G (Procter & Gamble)Unilever and Beiersdorf, committing to having 95% of their products fully natural by 2030. However, despite this trend, many personal care brands remain steadfast in their insistence that their products be only one colour: white. This stance is contradictory to nature, which is not exclusively white. In fact, manufacturers and brands take this preference for white to the extreme by bleaching natural ingredients of their natural colours. It begs the question: why do these brands persist with such a paradoxical approach?

One reason is that white has been associated with cleanliness, purity, and health. We all want clean and healthy skin. However, the history of white is not entirely pure. In the 20th century, white’s connotation with “clean” carried over into the fields of science and health, where it became the norm for soaps and uniforms. As a result, the beauty industry has adopted the popular misconception that white products are the purest, healthiest, and most effective.

This mindset is problematic as it implies that any other colour is impure, which is not only false but also exclusionary. The natural beauty industry needs to take a fresh approach, one that is inclusive and embraces the full spectrum of colours found in nature. Kaffe Bueno is at the forefront of this shift, with its range of upcycled actives that are sustainable solutions offering a variety of benefits for the industry and consumers.

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On the other hand, there are already key players catching up with times, reflected by L’Oréal’s recent launch of tinted sunscreens.

Kaffe Bueno’s upcycled actives range includes KAFFOIL™, KAFFAIR™, KAFFAGE™, and KA-ZuN™. These ingredients enable the creation of more diverse and inclusive products while making a positive impact on the environment through upcycling. Most importantly, they provide the expected benefits for the skin, scalp, and hair.

KAFFOIL™ is a sustainable alternative to Argan oil derived from coffee by-products. It has bioactivity for hair and skin and functional properties similar to palm oil. Upcycled from coffee by-products into a versatile active and emollient oil suitable for skin- and hair care. Thanks to its high antioxidant activity via the reduction of ROS, coupled with the activation of the Nrf2 pathway, KAFFOIL™ serves as a healthy ageing and skin barrier-enhancing ingredient. As for hair care, it has been shown to increase hair shine by over 430%, repair chemically damaged hair and split ends, as well as strengthen hair preventing breakage and split ends.

KAFFAGE™ is an upcycled amphiphilic biopolymer also derived from coffee. Its polyphenolic composition brings unmatched multi-functionality and performance, thanks to its high contents of hydroxycinnamic acids, which enable high antioxidant activity and prevent UV-induced glycation in human cells. KAFFAGE™ is also a natural SPF booster and helps formulations mimic different skin tones, making it ideal for BB creams, foundations, and concealers.

KAFFAIR™ is a patent-pending active scalp and hair ingredient upcycled from coffee. It induces the expression of human growth factors IGF1, VEGF, and FGF7 genes, resulting in a healthier scalp and hair. It also effectively cleanses hair fibres from environmental pollutants, thanks to its strong metal chelating properties.

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KA-ZuN™ is a revolutionary sun care active ingredient that addresses the challenges associated with mineral sunscreen, such as the white cast effect, which is often problematic for those with darker skin tones. KA-ZuN™ comprises a Zinc Oxide molecule coated with a proprietary biopolymer by Kaffe Bueno, which reduces ZnO’s photocatalytic activity and its undesirable white cast effect while increasing solubility.

The beauty industry needs to embrace the full spectrum of colours found in nature to create a more inclusive and sustainable environment for all. Kaffe Bueno is leading this change with its commitment to upcycling and using natural ingredients. It’s time to move away from the narrow idea that white equals clean and embrace the full range of nature’s hues.

In summary, the beauty industry must shift away from the outdated belief that white equals clean and instead embrace the full spectrum of colours found in nature. This change towards inclusivity and sustainability is crucial for creating an industry that values diversity and the environment, while also providing consumers with effective and safe products. Kaffe Bueno’s range of upcycled actives is an excellent example of how this shift can be achieved.


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